Calaf Trenching it’s working on multiple construction works of solar and wind energy generation parks on the Aragon area. We are excavating the trenchers that are used to connect the wind generators and the solar panels each to the each other and to the electric line.

In order to finish the trenching works quickly and easy as possible to our clients Calaf Trenching it’s doing the excavations as it always does, just using trencher machines.

Calaf Trenching parque eolico parque fotovoltaicos zanjadora

Trenchers provide us a faster excavation of the trench compared with alternatives methods. This is due, among other factors, to the fact that trenchers excavate with no over excavation ‘U’ trenches shaped. This kind of equipment allows us to excavate an average of 800 meters per day. 

Another feature to highlight of the trenchers it’s his precision, so we can work easily near already existent services as it could be gas canalizations, optical fiber cable or another existing supplies. 

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