Our engineers are skilled workers, properly trained to use heavy machinery and with a long experience in using wheel trenchers and excavators. Besides conducting excavation by trenching, our drivers can equally develop mechanical works and are responsible for basic maintenance operations, as well as any type of repair that can be resolved on site.
As for our logistics work, we have the support of 4x4 type vehicles that allow the movement of operators to the work site. The vehicles are also used as a mobile workshop to carry out maintenance and common repair works.
In Spain, our permanent workshop is based at the head office of the company (in Calaf, Barcelona), and can execute fast technical assistance, in order to manage major faults (motors , pumps, etc. . ) . We also have our own gondolas in case of any urgency that may require a transfer of machinery to the work site.
For all those works that take place outside our borders, we try to find a local repair shop, in the vicinity of the work, to resolve small interventions related to basic type faults and major faults .
This organization allows us to achieve optimum performance in terms of execution of the work.